|| Sierra & Darcy - June 1st 2019 || – Amanda Kirsh Photography

|| Sierra & Darcy - June 1st 2019 ||

Sierra reached out to me on my Fan Page inquiring about Wedding Photography. They were having their reception in a big beautiful Barn and at that point before even meeting them I was sold! I love Rustic themed Weddings. We got together and I could tell right away we would be a good fit. 
Normally *light emphasis on normally* we start with an engagement shoot. That is how I like to get to know my Bride and Groom. They had actually gotten pictures shortly before we had met so I had casually mentioned Bridal Boudoir. Sierra gave me an approving nod so we began planning Darcys "Wedding day Surprise" and it went off without a hitch - sorry no sharsies :P 

Let me just say he was VERY surprised to receive his gift. 

I arrived mid afternoon at the Parents of the Brides beautiful home for the Getting Ready portion of the morning. After having some giggles and getting some fun shots overlooking Quesnel (cause their view is AMAZING) it was on to the Ceremony & Reception location. 
The Ceremony and Reception was to take place on a beautiful little piece of property with large fields, rollings hills and amazing mountain views. There was a bit of overcast which was appreciated given the sun was hot. The ceremony went off without a hitch and we paraded around the Property after Family formals for Bridal Party portraits. Here are a few of my favourites. <3 

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